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Simple Steps For Beautiful Hair in Bartonsville, PA

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There are a few things you can do on a regular basis that will improve the overall health and appearance of your hair, as well as a few things you can avoid. In general, here are a few standards: Brush your hair: Yep, the good old fashioned hundred strokes. This stimulates blood supply to the scalp, removes dead skin cells from the scalp before they can get infected, and distributes sebum over the hair shaft for moisturizing and protection. Bend over from the waist and hang limply while doing some of the brushing. Use a natural bristle brush or other gentle brush. Be careful and don't hurry. Better to go slow and only get 30 strokes in, than go... Read More...

Beautiful Hairstyles With Hair Extensions And Hair Weaves in Bartonsville

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Hair extensions are becoming an increasingly popular way of instantly getting that long beautiful hair some of us can only dream of! Growing your hair long takes 5-6 years at an average of 1 cm per month! Hair extensions can give you around 21 inches of thick hair in just a few hours! There are two main types of hair extensions. Hair extensions can be made out of synthetic fibers and are referred to as synthetic hair extensions or out of human hair and referred to as human hair extensions. Human hair extensions tend to be the preferred kind of hair extensions because they look and feel a lot more natural then the synthetic kind. Also, heat cannot ... Read More...

Wedding Hair Secrets in the Bartonsville Area

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Is your wedding starting to make you feel like a Hollywood Movie Producer? Even the selection of your wedding hair styles for you and the bridal party is feeling like a movie set in Fantasyland. You are already overwhelmed. You need help with your wedding hair. Relax; I'm here to ease your stress and to take a load off of your shoulders. I've helped brides and their bridal parties in my salon for so long I am in permanent wedding hair and bridal makeup mode. I'm going to tell you how to insure that you have alluring, envied bridal hair so it is complimented by, but not overshadowed, by the wedding hair accessories and bridal... Read More...

Which is the Right Hair Color For You?

Hair color correction is a service frequently offered in salons everywhere. The reason: over-the-counter hair coloring products have given consumers the impression that hair color is easy and extremely affordable. One look at a professionally-colored model on a commercial or glossy magazine page, and many people clamor to the closest drug store to purchase a $5 box of color with the hopes of receiving a $50 salon look. The results are often disastrous, and it can take hundreds of dollars to correct a hair color problem that could have been prevented with just a tiny bit of knowledge and planning. The most common problem seen with hair coloring at... Read More...


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